Heat Admin Training

RevelationData will cover all your Heat training requirements. We also provide customized training, either on-site, one-on-one, webex and class room training.

We all know that times are tough and budget is tight so, over the next few months, we will be offering a number of FREE HEAT courses.

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Webex - you will receive an email with details after registering

Course Overview:

• The concepts of ODBC data sources and Heat edit sets
• Design and use of Heat Validation tables
• Discuss the difference between importing data into the HEAT database vs linking to external tables
• Connecting to External Tables

We will demonstrate:

• Linking Heat to your asset management system for real-time information.
• View your assets information in a Heat detail screen vs having to log into a separate database
• Linking asset information to a Heat profiles.

We are planning a great HEAT Admin training schedule over the next few months - Topics for February 2010, and March 2010 will cover:

• Change Management – implementing basic change management features in Heat – we will show you how and discuss the pros and cons.
• Extend your HEAT Help Desk with ITIL Best Practices
• Implementing SLA's in 5 easy steps from start to finish

Because we are such a great and flexible company, we encourage you to drop us a note with your requirements so that we can cover them in future training sessions!