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Implementing SLA's in 5 easy steps from start to finish

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: In the convenience of your own office - this training session will be hosted via a Webinar

WHEN: We run these sessions monthly should you be interested in up coming dates please provide your details below and we will keep you updated on new events.

: 2:00 pm - 4:00pm [EST]

a. Discussion and overview - Service Level Management and HEAT
b. Heat Field Design
c. Configure Heat Calendar
d. Configure Heat Business Rule
e. Setting up group, filters, and alerts to monitor

And, because you took the time and effort to attend - you will receive a step by step instruction pdf and a free crystal report, for use in your own environment, which has been designed to work with this layout.

We are planning a great schedule over the following months - Topics for April and May will cover:
• Integrating your Heat system with an external asset management system – how to do this and what are the benefits.
• Change Management – implementing basic change management features in Heat – we will show you how and discuss the pros and cons.
• Extend your HEAT Help Desk with ITIL Best Practices

Because we are such a great and flexible company, we encourage you to drop us a note with your requirements so that we can cover them in future training sessions!

(Planning on upgrading to Heat 9 - let us know if you need help!
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