LogiXML’s Logi 9 platform gives your organization a complete, integrated and interactive Web-based business intelligence (BI) solution that is easy to implement, easy to license, easy to learn and easy to upgrade.

What Is Logi 9? The Logi 9 platform bundles Managed Reporting, Ad Hoc Reporting, ETL and Data Integration for one affordable price.

The platform includes all the valuable BI capabilities any users across your organization may need including comprehensive corporate reporting and analysis, ad hoc reporting, and valuable data integration.

Logi 9 gives you an interactive, robust pure Web-based Business Intelligence platform that lets you deliver dynamic business intelligence applications on the Web that easily provide whenever and wherever access and support any browser or data source.

Logi 9 leverages the latest open technologies like XML, HTML, AJAX, and more.

It lets you pick and choose and re-use interactive and collaborative components that are easy to deploy and use like dashboards, Ad hoc reporting for end users, animated charts and graphs, innovative visualization tools and even user forums, among many BI components.

It ultimately helps you to quickly integrate BI into your business applications and your organization as a whole.
And, it’s extremely affordable with an innovative server-based licensing model that beats other more traditional and costly per-user licensing models every time.