IT Service and Configuration Management

easyCMDB is a 100% web-based all in one IT Service Support product that aligns to ITIL principles.

Built with ITIL best practices in mind, easyCMDB binds the process between configuration management, Incident, Problem and Change Management.

Its intuitive interface means minimal training or consultancy is required to implement, so you can be up and running with minimal delay and cost.

easyCMDB includes Incident, Problem, Change, Document, Release and Service Management to provide a complete ITSM solution. In addition, easyCMDB provides Configuration Management functionality which enables you to record & manage all your IT configuration items and the complex relationships between them.

Key Features

This Web-based design keeps your cost low by eliminating the need to install, maintain and upgrade software on user PCs. easyCMDB builds relationships automatically and provides a visual diagram Click here to see Visual Diagram

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easyCMDB - IT Service Management

Incident Management

Providing high quality incident support is a top priority for most IT organizations. easyCMDB provides a fully configured and integrated service management solution that is ready to help organizations manage and resolve incidents from day one – saving you time and your organization money. easyCMDB service management not only allows organizations to create and manage trouble tickets, it also allows them to trouble shoot and address any problems through deep integration with inventory management, configuration management and change management.

easyCMDB will support the Incident Management process by providing out-of-the-box implementation of core ITIL functionality. easyCMDB will help reduce call handling time by providing:

• Instant access to related Configuration, asset and system health information.
• The ability to map the Service Desk to the business with user-defined queues, service level metrics, and escalation policies.
• Automatic Incident creation and routing, from services monitored by external System Management tools, enabling the tracking of resolution of one-time and recurring Incidents using Problem records - read more about incidents in easyCMDB - easyCMDB Incident Management

Problem Management

In easyCMDB, a user will be able to easily create a new Problem record from an Incident or attach an Incident to an existing Problem. An action log will be used to capture the actions the IT team has undertaken to diagnose and resolve the Problem - read how problems are handled in easyCMDB - easyCMDB Problem Management

Change Management

easyCMDB will support the Change Management process by:

• Accurately creating Requests for Change (RFCs) and linking to affected Configuration Items (CIs).
• Initiating RFCs directly from Incidents, filling in RFC information quickly using pre-defined templates for common types of RFCs.
• Providing configurable review stages and manual or automatic activities that give structure to IT processes.
• Allowing measurement of the performance and effectiveness of the process through process-specific reports.

Change records may be created in easyCMDB and linked to the CIs they affect. Multi-level CAB definition is supported, with the choice of a system-wide CAB in addition to CAB members linked to individual CIs, plus CAB members associated at Project level. easyCMDB Change Management

Asset and Configuration Management

easyCMDB will provide workflow to help IT professionals manage the lifecycle of assets from procurement to disposal. easyCMDB provides the ability to relate CIs to Incidents, RFCs, Problems, and Known Errors, providing integrated data that gives not just a clear and accurate picture of actual inventory of software, hardware, and application component assets, but how they relate to other key components of IT services - easyCMDB Asset Management and Configuration Management

Configuration Management - CMDB

easyCMDB goes beyond being a repository of physical CI attributes. easyCMDB contains all the necessary components to provide an end to end service of the IT infrastructure. Most IT systems are designed to serve specific application functions. easyCMDB combines these functions into one application, offering an out-of-box solution for Service Desk and IT Service Management, supporting ITIL disciplines.

In addition to providing configuration management, easyCMDB also extends to include Document Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Incident Management and Release Management resulting in a single system to manage your infrastructure.

Knowledge Base

The built in Knowledge base allows you to share information from your website or intranet, reducing customer support, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents.

Customer Self Service

The customer self service portal allows your employees and customers access to the problem-solving capabilities of your easyCMDB system from any computer with a Web browser 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This translates into increased efficiencies right from the start:

• Reduced call volume
• Less pressure on technicians
• Increase staff productivity
• Minimize Staff Training
• Increased customer satisfaction


The built in Tools and Utilities allows your easyCMDB administrator to customize Forms, Fields and graphical user interface within minutes.

Email Notifications

Customize and send out email notifications in an HTML format.

SLA Monitoring

If your organization relies heavily on the quality of IT services. Degradations in IT Service delivery can be costly and damaging to your business. More and more organizations are implementing strict Service Level Agreements to ensure high standards of IT service. Defining Service Level Agreements is even more critical in the case of outsourcing IT. This places tremendous pressure on your HelpDesk technicians to ensure that the required IT service levels are being met.

Document Management

Documents may be uploaded into the CMDB or linked to externally via UNC file path or URL. Documents may be linked with any CI including Changes and Incident records.


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