Desktop Auditor

Automated IT Asset Discovery and Management Solution

A powerful IT inventory management and systems administration solution that can be rapidly deployed. Desktop Auditor provides an automated inventory database with remote administration functions, software license management and powerful reporting capabilities.

Fast and simple rollout

With an exceptionally fast and simple rollout, Desktop Auditor gives you a return on your investment within hours of installation. By providing invaluable management information to your IT professionals, they will be better equipped to keep technology aligned with business objectives while justifying the value of their departments.

Your business can now effectively meet demanding compliance requirements by providing accurate answers to the key questions surrounding good corporate governance.

Gain Control of your IT Inventory Gain Control of your hardware inventory

Know what you have Know what you have, who is using it and where it is

Reduce IT Spend Reduce IT spend by better managing and administrating your IT assets

Software Compliance Ensure software compliance by knowing what you have and what you use

easy asset tracking Improve productivity by empowering your team to manage and easily track assets and their changes


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Gain visibility and management of your Inventory

No matter how complex or geographically dispersed your organizations infrastructure is, desktop auditor can provide a greater understanding of what exists, and where it is located, helping dramatically minimize risk of IT asset theft.

Desktop Auditor summary of features

Small data files (typically 5-10kb) means minimal impact on your network and quick scan times will not adversely affect end-users. With the availability of a consistent and up-to-date electronic inventory, keeping track of the state of your IT assets will be a cinch.

automated audits Daily automated audits including change history & alarms

Asset Location Tracking Asset location tracking

Change Management Change Management Notification Alarms

track changes Change History

software license management Software License Management

customizable audits Customizable audit configuration

software usage metering Software Usage Metering

User Defined Queries User defined queries

Create Financial Budgets Create Financial Budgets within minutes

strong reporting capabilities Comprehensive pivot and drill-down reporting capabilities

export to Excel Import, Export Functionality

LDAP Integration LDAP Integration

LDAP Integration LDAP Reporting

Bar Coding Bar code functionality

bar code label printing Create and print bar code labels

Audit SNMP devices Scan SNMP devices

remote control Integrates with Remote Control Software

Integrates with HEAT and desktop auditor Integrates with Heat Call Logging

Customizable Reports includes user defined filters and pivot reporting features

Create your own reports in desktop auditor or use the pre-customized report. Desktop auditor provides un-paralleled flexibility and ease when analyzing the data.

pivot reports

Desktop auditor reporter creates management reports simply by dragging and dropping fields.

Reports can also be exported to Excel with one click.

software license management

Advanced Searching Features

Perform advanced searching, reporting, and graphical displays of your Organization's Assets.



create bar code labels Custom design and print bar code labels.

fixed assets Scan non-network assets / fixed assets and import them into Desktop auditor.

link scanned assets to personnel Link assets to personnel.

bar code scanning

Remote Tasks

With the ability to perform remote administration tasks on machines ranging from software installation and renaming of machine, to executing custom user defined scripts, technical IT staff can gain as much benefit from the tool as their management.

automate remote tasks Automate remote tasks

automate remote tasks Remote software installations

automate remote tasks Stop or Start Services - e.g. viruses

Software Usage Metering

Software Metering provides the ability to see what software is installed versus being used. This allows unused licenses to be reassigned to other users or retired, significantly reducing software licensing costs. Usage data includes a count of application launches, total minutes used and last used date.

remote tasks

Active Directory Integration and LDAP reporting features

By combining audit information with personnel data from active directory (or external sources) monitoring the location of your assets and assigning departmental costs becomes a simple reality.

LDAP Active directory integration

LDAP Active directory reporting features

active directory integration

SNMP Scans

LDAP Detect and Scan SNMP devices

LDAP Report on scanned SNMP devices

snmp support

Change Management

Desktop auditor provides a full audit trail on all asset changes including software and hardware changes on computers. This allows for better asset management control and accountability.

LDAP View Changes per device

LDAP Notify change administrator via automated email

LDAP All history is retained for reporting purposes, including transfers of assets between departments or people.

change history

Store Financial information

automate remote tasks Track Warranties

automate remote tasks Manage Support Contracts

automate remote tasks Track and manage asset transfers and asset disposals

support and financials

Software License Compliance

LDAP Capture Software License Contracts

LDAP Active directory reporting features

software license reporting

software license compliance