IT Service Management

Out-of-the box ITIL-compliant solutions for distributed and mid-to-enterprise organizations

RevelationData's ITSM Solutions operate within the ITIL and Cobit best practices frameworks to ensure that its clients effectively meet service delivery promises and compliance requirements.


desktop auditor

Automated IT Asset Discovery and Management Solution with Software License Management

Integrates with Heat Call Logging



easyCMDB is a 100% web-based all in one IT Service Support product that aligns to ITIL principles.



Managed Reporting
Ad-hoc Reporting
Interactive Grids
OLAP Reporting


Heat Call Logging

Service and Support
Incident Management
Integrates wtih easyCMDB for Change Management

A fundamental requirement for reducing cost and improving quality of your IT service is to have an accurate record of what assets you have, where they are and how they are used. Amazingly, few companies can admit to having a firm grip on this simple requirement. That’s where inventory management, configuration management and IT asset management come into play. Together, these three IT disciplines form the cornerstone to a well-managed enterprise infrastructure. Together, they empower business service delivery and support.

RevelationData can help your organization keep track of all technical elements including, software, hardware and streamline inventory functions. Learn more on how RevelationData's IT Asset management system can help with software asset management, hardware asset management and achieving a variety of goals within your organization.